My Recent Projects ///

Harmel Academy

Web Development

Harmel Academy is a promising, new Catholic Trade School in Michigan. The Academy offers an integral education while preparing the students for demanding jobs in skilled trades.

Saxum Visitor Center Booklet

Graphic Design

Saxum Visitor Center needs a brochure to guide the visitors within the center for their grand opening on February 2019.

Ville de Marie Academy

Web Development

Ville de Marie Academy is a liberal arts K-12 academy in Scottsdale, Arizona. This website is built to bring the digital presence of the school up to date, with the design according to VdM’s charism.

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs

Web Development

Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs is an American sacred artist, who needed a new modern website to showcase her portfolio and sell her artworks.

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom College

Web Development

Our Lady Seat of Wisdom is a Catholic liberal arts college in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada. Also my alma mater, Seat of Wisdom was in need of a website with a refreshed look. I built this website in 2016 from ground up to complement different devices and be easily managed.

V8s for Vocations

Web Development

V8s for Vocations is a raffle-fundraising project for the Diocese of Gallup. The project restores classic cars and raffles them annually, with most of the raffle process done online.

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